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At Lash Affair®  we focus on safety in application, safety for the working lash artist and strive to produce students who will help us raise the bar of quality lash application throughout the country. Train the trainer is our newest and most exciting endeavor which which allows artists ready to take their career to the next level the opportunity to become a certified Lash Affair®  trainer. With continual support and mentoring Lash Affair®  has been known to produce some of the most proficient, well rounded, well educated and passionate new artists to the industry and now you too can have the chance to positively contribute to our industry through higher education. We are proud to be bringing talent and skill to women in business and allowing them the financial freedom that they deserve in this ever changing economy. Lash Affair® is seeking motivated and passionate individuals. We can’t wait to welcome you to our team!


Train-the-Trainer features and benefits:

  • 3 day intensive training program where your own skills will be assessed, you will learn the ins and outs of our informative manual and then actually get a chance to present and host your own mock training.
  •  First access to new products.
  • A wide selection of professional marketing materials for direct mailing, email blasts, flyers, business cards, shelf talkers and more!
  • Quarterly newsletters that include either a manual update, repostable blog, memes for social media, technique advancements or helpful tips.
  • One on one meetings with master trainer at Leah Lynch at your request.
  • Yearly symposium at a beautiful all-inclusive tropical resort.
  • Access to our 50,000 word all inclusive training manual, The Lash Diary™, for use in your classroom. This one-of-a-kind manual is also a great selling point and draw for students.
  • Lash Affairs sphere of influence through email list, website traffic, and social media connections, to help direct students to book trainings in your area.
  • The potential for editorial opportunities within magazines affiliated with Lash Affair®.
  • Being part of a positive like-minded team of aspiring professional women in business! Becoming a trainer is a great way to raise your status as a professional in the industry but also in the eyes of your existing and potential clientele. This will only perpetuate further opportunities for financial success.
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