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Bottom Lash Extensions Are Actually a Thing

Monday, May 16th, 2016     Soups

The Eyelash Extension craze has increased exponentially since the Kardashians have hit the scene. I can’t even begin to account for the number of times a client has brought me a photo of the Kardashians for how they wanted their lashes to look. I’m sure most Lash Artist can relate to this! Now, have you tried attempting to achieve this look for your clients, but find the end result sometimes falling short? Well, unless your clients already have naturally amazing bottom lashes and some of my clients do, one overlooked aspect to those desirable dramatic doe-eyes the Kardashians rock are the lower eyelash extensions. Yes! We do bottom lash extensions. They do exist! (A question numerous clients have asked.) Extensions on those bottom bad boys help balance out and compliment the look of the dramatic top lashes. However, lower lash extensions aren’t always offered to clients to enhance their lash look, because it’s actually considered an advanced practice. It’s normally taught in Advanced Classic Lash Extension curriculums. So, if you haven’t been trained on the technique yet, definitely step up your lash game and visit to sign up for an Advanced Classic Lash course.

kardashian lashes

You’ll be surprised at seeing how just adding 10-15 lower lashes greatly changes how the eye appears. It even makes the face look slimmer! Best of all, no longer needing mascara on those bottom lashes!! This a huge plus for our bride clients or any other special occasion lash wearers when there’s the possibility of any of kind of water works, no raccoon eyes! Which client wouldn’t want that as an add-on? The bonus for us Lash Artist is since there are fewer lashes, the average application time for bottom lashes is only 15-30 minutes; considerably less compared to upper eyelash extension. Once you’ve mastered it, it’s a great add-on service to an already existing client you have lying on your lash bed without much additional effort.

bottom lash extensions

Now as much as I rave about bottom lash extensions, there are a couple of downsides we need to make our clients aware of prior to application. Since the natural lower lashes are normally thinner and shorter than the upper lashes, the durability of maintaining the extensions decreases. Additionally, because there are fewer lashes applied, clients may only get a week or two of wear. Another pesky fact about lower lash extensions is the Venus Flytrap effect. With rough edges on both upper and lower lashes, they have a tendency to interlock when blinking. After a day or two, once the lashes have found their respective positions, they do stop interlocking. All the downsides of bottom lash extensions aside, there is also the sad reality of addressing that there are instances where some clients are just NOT candidates for lower lash extensions. When client’s natural lower lashes are too short or too sparse, extensions can’t be applied safely and can actually overly accentuate the deficits. Advanced Lash Artist are trained to easily determine who is and isn’t a lower lash extension candidate.

bottom eyelash extensions

I’ll be completely honest, I personally steered away from doing lower lash extensions even after being trained by two separate lash companies on how to apply them. Mainly due to the fact that both companies’ technique involved applying the extensions with the client’s eyes open. Most clients normally decline the service once they hear the process of application and frankly, that technique itself is just too risky for both client and Lash Artist for various reason. It wasn’t until training with Lash Affair and learning their technique of applying bottom lash extensions with my client’s eyes closed that I started confidently recommending them and applying them with ease. The take away: never stop educating yourself! There’s always newer, safer and more efficient ways of doing things. Keeping up-to-date with the new techniques and styles of our industry, be it bottom lashes, colored lashes, volume lashes, etc… will help us “keep up with the Kardashians” to keeping our clients happy!

Happy lashing!


Soups Vannasing | Lash Affair Trainer  | Las Vegas

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