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Lash Maps™ by Lash Affair

If you’re looking for an easier way to lash, then look no further. Lash Affair’s hot new Lash Map™ Stickers save you time and add variety to your design repertoire. Our Lash Map Stickers come in 9 different designs to be exact! Lash Affair took the 9 most popular looks requested by clients and laid … Continue reading Lash Maps™ by Lash Affair


I WAS BORN THIS WAY Babies don’t need any help looking cute. These delightful mini-humans are born with beautiful features that make us swoon over their total adorableness! Their soft skin and long, luxurious lashes are features that some of us grown-ups love to admire and gladly pay for. Many babies have long, beautiful eyelashes … Continue reading I WAS BORN THIS WAY

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